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Zinger Travel

Zinger Travel was started with the intention of telling stories and helping other travelers experience more adventurous destinations. You will find detailed information and local insights that most travel guides won’t tell you about. The blog provides an inside look at different destinations and encompasses a wide range of cultures and perspectives. Planning a short road trip with your friends or a solo trip overseas? Zinger Travel provides you with all the little tips and tricks that can help make your journey perfect.

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Travel Tips

Whether you’re looking to take off halfway across the world or simply travel out across your own country, tips and tricks for this can be hard to come by. Here, I share the best ones I have to hand, so feel free to take a minute and do your research.

Destination Ideas

Choosing where to go can be difficult. Thankfully, when people have gone to locations before you and share their experiences it can make the choice a lot easier to make. Here’s where I share my ideas on countries around the world with you all.